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Assessing your social and emotional skills

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My name is Richard Daniel Curtis and I am a behaviour expert, author and teacher.

As a professional, I have worked with thousands of children over the years and many of them have struggled with their emotions or social skills, maybe they are insecure or anxious, are struggling with their behaviour and their parents and teachers want to know how they can help.

As I researched the theories related to how children develop socially and emotionally I occurred to me that there wasn’t an assessment tool that people could use to identify the gaps that some children have in their personal growth.

The theories of Bowlby, Parten, Erikson, Boxall and Holmes were all researched as part of this development. I was particularly interested in how these looked when viewed chronologically, so spent two years researching the different theories, identifying each of the stages and coming up with questions to assess them.

The result was the Social, Emotional and Play Development Scale (the SEPD Scale), which I tested and then released in 2015. After its release and through talking to colleagues in school who were using it, it transpired that they were referring to it as ‘The Curtis Scale’ and so it was renamed.

The Curtis Scale is now being used in homes, primary and secondary schools, plus colleges in the UK and beyond.

You can buy access to the electronic version of The Curtis Scale either on a per assessment basis, or as a single user (for example as a consultant) with access to up to 30 assessments per year, or as an organisation or school.

The Curtis Scale Gives you

  1. A quick assessment (10-15 minutes)
  2. A clear chronological overview of a child's social, emotional and play development
  3. Proven results in helping parents and professionals to identify and plug the gaps

This leads to:

  1. The identification of the earliest missing gaps
  2. The ability to plug those gaps
  3. A reduction in the behaviours that are worrying you


  1. Per assessment £14.99 one-off
  2. Single user (for 20 assessments per year) £7.99 per month
  3. Organisation (one site only) £44.99 + VAT per month