Welcome to the Curtis Scale for adults

Assessing your social and emotional skills

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My name is Richard Daniel Curtis and I am a behaviour expert, author and teacher.

There are many things that can cause us to feel anxious or insecure. The Curtis Scale was developed to help identify the issues we are having in our social or emotional skills that are causing these insecurities.

By identifying those simple steps, you are able to focus on those and find your situation change as you become more confident in those skills.

You can buy access to the electronic version of The Curtis Scale either on a per assessment basis, or as a single user (for example as a consultant) with access to up to 30 assessments per year, or as an organisation or school.

The Curtis Scale Gives you

  1. A quick assessment (10-15 minutes)
  2. A clear chronological overview of what could be causing your difficulties
  3. A understanding of what you could do to address them


  1. Per assessment £14.99 one-off
  2. Single user (for 20 assessments per year) £7.99 per month
  3. Organisation (one site only) £44.99 + VAT per month